Deep Learning Solutions
for Pathological Diagnosis

DeepBio provides AI solutions for unmet medical needs using deep learning technology. Our initial product in development features a convolutional neural network that detects and grades prostate cancer from needle biopsy images.

AI Research Professionals

Our diversified research team includes not only experts in deep learning, but also specialists from various backgrounds - including math, chemistry, photography, computer vision, and more.

Intelligence Annotation

The quality of data is the quality of deep neural network. In DeepBio, our dedicated data annotator produces robust data crucial to deep learning, which is then verified by our medical affiliates.

Qualified Medical Affiliates

Our research is supported upon strong affiliation with prestigious medical authorities. Direct assistance is provided in data acquisition, research advisory, and performance verification.

Our Team


Sunwoo Kim


Sunwoo is the CEO at Deep Bio.

Byoungkoo Kang


Byoungkoo is the CFO at Deep Bio.

Taeyoung Kwak


Taeyoung is a Solution Architect interested in AI, Big Data & Concurrent systems.

Saebom Lee

Board Member

Saebom is a board member at Deep Bio.


Hyeyoon Chang

Medical Officer

Before joining Deep Bio, Hyeyoon worked at the Department of Pathology, Korea University Guro Hospital for 10 years. She is a graduate from College of Medicine, Korea University, and has a M.D. and Ph.D. in pathology.

June Oh

Research Engineer

Being an engineer with a degree in English Literature, June's previous work experience includes system trading of NASDAQ futures, along with video and networking in embedded linux systems and frontend web.

Sanghun Lee

Research Engineer

Sanghun majored in Mathematics at KAIST during his undergraduate course. His previous research regards analyzing EEG data with functional connectivity and source localization at Seoul national university hospital. He now has interests in predictive analysis and image analysis with deep learning.

Changdae Lee

Software Engineer

Changdae majored in Computer Science at Handong Global University. His previous research regards FPGA acceleration for deep convolutional neural networks.

Hyoeun Kim

Software Engineer

Hyoeun majored in Computer Science at Handong Global University. She takes special interest in data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

Jaebong Jeong


Jaebong is studying as an undergraduate in computer science in Kyunghee University. His interest lies in deep learning analysis of medical data.

Joonyoung Cho

Research Scientist

Joonyoung majored in Mathematical Science at KAIST. He is interested in deep learning algorithm and data analysis.

Junwoo Woo

Research Scientist

Junwoo is a recent graduate from the School of Life Science at Handong Global University. He is interested in using machine learning and data analysis techniques to discover meaningful rules and patterns in biological and economic systems. Junwoo wants to better understand current systems and their problems to develop ethical, effective and sustainable solutions, in order to make the world a better place to live.

Yechan Mun

Research Scientist

Yechan is a graduate from Handong University. His major is Life Science and his minor is Computer Science. Yechan has worked at a Systems Biology lab and a Deep Learning lab, 12 and 8 months each. Currently, his primary interest lies in Computational Neuroscience.

Jimin Heo


Jimin majored in Visual Design at Kyunghee University. She strives to understand and analyze her subjects to best draw out their beauty from within. She is in charge of UI Design and Visual Design at Deep Bio.

Seunghwa Lee

Digital Scanning Specialist

Seunghwa is in charge of scanning pathology slides and maintaining data quality at Deep Bio.

Euigeo Mun

Software Engineer

Uigeo majored Computer Engineering in Handong Global University. He is especially interested in Web Programing and Web Security.


Jieun Woo

Administration Assistant

Jieun works in business support, taking care of the general business affairs around the office. She provides assistance so that the team's research can run smoothly.

JaeHyun Cho

Global Business Developer

Jae Hyun has recently joined Deepbio and came from a wealth of experience working in banking and finance for 5 years. She has completed her degree in Commerce and Accounting at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Jae Hyun is an expert in risk management and she is in charge of global business development to support and improve company’s growth.

Minah Cho

Regulatory Affairs

Minah received her B.S. in animal biotechnology and M.S. in bioinformatics from Konkuk University. She is in charge of regulatory affairs and communication with governmental offices. She is interested in biostatistics and clinical data management.


Eunsung Koh

Intern in Research Engineering

Eunsung majors in Computer Science at Handong Global University. He is interested in back-end logic and deep learning.

JiHye Paik

Intern in Regulatory Affairs

JiHye majored in Life Science and Computer Science at Handong Global University. She is interested in regulatory affairs and deep learning.

Jaejun Lee

Intern in Research Engineering

Jaejun majors in Aerospace Engineering and minors in Computer Science at KAIST. He is interested in load balancing and distributed systems for backend services.

Haejoon Kwon

Intern in Research Engineering

Haejoon is a undergraduate student at Emory University who is majoring in Biophysics and minoring in Computer Informatics. While her previous experiences lie in biomedical research, she’s interested in learning about deep learning as well as the corporate field.

Donghyun Kim

Intern in Research Engineering

Donghyun majors Mathematical Sciences in KAIST. Being analytic by nature, he is interested in understanding the theory behind deep learning algorithms and models.

Chiho Shin

Intern in Research Engineering

Chiho majors in Computer Science at Handong Global University. He is interested in deep learning algorithms and pattern recognition.


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